Web2Day 2017: we’re gonna talk about customer relationship management

Posted by Bobby on 30 May 2017 in Wandering around


Photo credit: William Jezequel

Strime will talk during a conference on customer relationship management at Web2Day 2017.  

You probably already know about that, at Strime, the customer relationship management is the corner stone of our application. Strime is born out of our reflexion and needs to improve customer relationship management in the video industry. Therefore it’s natural for us to have a talk on this theme. And it’s Franck, our CEO, who will be on stage.

The talk will happen on wednesday, june the 7th at Web2Day (at 4:50pm to be precise). He will explain how to build a trustfully relationship with your client, and how to answer to his need by clearly defining limits, in a benevolent way, to this relationship.

As usual, we like to use these events to meet you (even you, at the end of the room ;)), so feel free to come and say hi!

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