Strime to finish 2nd of the Lab4+ pitch competition!

Posted by Bobby on 15 June 2017 in News
Lab4+ is a yearly conference organized by the Pacific Alliance. This Alliance gathers Peru, Columbia, Mexico and Chile, in order to promote entrepreneurship and innovation, and to facilitate the exchanges between these countries.
This conference was organized this year in Santiago, on tuesday the 13th of june, and allowed people participating to it to assist to conferences, panels of discussion, a FuckUp Night, and a pitch competition. I’ll let you check the event website in order to get the details of the speakers, or read my monthly article on Frenchweb that will be published by the end of the month to get more details about this event.
What I want to talk about today is more personal to Strime. We indeed applied to the pitch competition organized by this conference. This contest invited start-ups working on 4 different industries to submit their application: agriculture, fintechs, architecture and engineering, and creative industries. We obviously postulated in the creative industries category, and had the pleasure to see our application selected. 6 start-ups had been selected per category to pitch in front of a panel of investors. This was a unique opportunity for Strime to be under the spotlight, right at the moment when we begin a roadshow.
This panel of investors was composed of a chilean investor who had created a fund which has grown to cover almost all the continent and has a partnership with the main investor of Rocket Internet in Germany, of the managing partner of Dalus Capital, a mexican venture capital firm, and an other columbian investor more specialized in the 3 other industries.
We were the second project to pitch. I had 3 minutes to present Strime in spanish. During the last 3 months, I’ve been practicing our pitches on a weekly basis, with some variations in terms of intensity depending on our actuality, but changing the pitches based on the public. Considering the fact that I already pitched 4 days earlier, in front of all the participants to Start-Up Chile and the program’s team to qualify ourselves to the semi-finals of the pitch contest of the program, I was feeling quite prepared to this exercice.
Even though my spanish is not perfect, I can easily present our project and have a discussion of a few minutes with the jury. Moreover, this is not the first time that I present Strime in spanish. Indeed, I participated for instance to a PechaKucha night in Valparaíso two weeks ago.
Therefore, I answered to some questions on the nature of our clients, our business model, and the elements that explain that we actually have an exponential growth. Once these questions were answered, the jury gave us a grade out of 5 (like in a music tv show), and to these 3 grades, was added a secret grade given by one of the organizer of the conference.
After the 6 pitches, we were ranked 3rd ex-aequo with two other projects, and due to this secret grade, I had the pleasure to be called on the second step of the podium.
Despite the honor of being awarded, which confirms the interest for Strime in South-America, what was truly interesting in this competition and this price, was the opportunity given to us to attract attention of investors on Strime. Now, let’s keep the conversation going…

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