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Posted by Bobby on 15 August 2017 in Around Strime

As I said in a previous article, I co-organized recently a lot of events, including meetups on how to successfully launch your product or service on Product Hunt. During one of these events, Miguel, the founder of SinRopa, asked me if it was worth the effort for a service only available in spanish and targeting the soud-american market. My answer was negative, because the audience of this site is mainly speaking english.

I then thought that we were missing an equivalent of Product Hunt on the south-american market. With Hélène, my girlfriend, we decided to launch Bacán.


¡Que Bacán!

Bacán is a very frequent word in Chile, as well as in a couple of other countries in South-America and Latin-America, and this word is understood on all the continent. It literally means: amazing, great, awesome!

The point of Bacán is simple: it’s a weekly newsletter, free, in spanish, beginning by a introduction focusing on actuality or a specific theme, a selection of 10 start-ups coming from South or Latin-America, or which have a clear strategy toward this market, and a list of events.

The newsletter is sent every wednesday at 10a.m. Santiago time, and already has many hundreds of subscribers after only a month and a half.

I hear you scream to discrimination! What about Brazil?! They speak Portuguese over there, not Spanish! True! Unfortunately, our resources are limited, and Hélène doesn’t speak Portuguese. But this is clearly a growth opportunity for us. And the good news is, the brazilians also say Bacán! 😀 


Bacán and Strime, a love affair

But what is the relationship with Strime? Will I stop working for Strime?

Certainly not. I’ll still be focusing 100% of time on Strime. Bacán is a project hold by Hélène. Franck & Jean-Philippe made me the honor to support this side-project from the very beginning, and we all agreed to give some logistical support to Bacán.

Jean-Philippe then created the identity of the project, when I took in charge the technical aspects (creation of the website, the Mailchimp account, buying the domain name, etc…). Now everything is set up, and the project is moving forward! As a reward, Strime is credited from a small logo at the bottom of each newsletter, which drives us some traffic.


If you’re interested in the startups ecosystem and in the LATAM market, feel free to subscribe to the newsletter, and if you like Bacán’s identity, you can also buy some merchandising!

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