Strime goes up to the semi-finals of the pitch contest Start-Up Chile

Posted by Bobby on 8 August 2017 in News Start-Up Chile

It’s been a long time since I told you about what we’re doing at Start-Up Chile. Too long to me…  😉 

Of course we told you that we recently finished second to a pitch contest, or we also gave you some details about the new features that we released lately, but all of this don’t give you a clue about where we are in the program. Let’s catch up with this.


Strime goes up to the semi-finals of the pitch contest of Start-Up Chile

Start-Up Chile organizes internally a pitch contest. We already explained it, we practiced a lot during the last months. It’s also quite common for such an incubation program to organize this kind of events. The first round occurred during the month of June and allowed every participant of the program to prove his talent.

Out of ~80 start-ups participating to the program, around 30 were selected for the semi-finals, including Strime. Among the semi-finalists, we could find some friends of us, like, MyStrengthBook or OpenFn.

Therefore, we had the opportunity to pitch an other time, this one in front of a panel of professionals, including a consultant from EY, someone working at Microsoft, a long time partner of Start-Up Chile, and an investor. Unfortunately, if I had been quite happy with my previous pitches and felt confortable, like during the one I did at Lab4+, I hurried up during this one, and terminated my pitch in 2’30” instead of 3′. Moreover, since we were among the last ones to pitch, the jury seemed cold and distant, which didn’t help to feel confortable.

We will then not go up to the final, but it doesn’t matter. As would say our friend de Coubertin, the most important is to be part of the event, and we’re already very proud to have reached this level of the competition. We wish a lot of success to our 10 friends that will take part of the final this thursday.


Beyond the pitch, what’s new?

Lots of stuff, I’d like to say! But let’s be straight to the point!

The program will end soon (mid-september). Yes, already! But when it’s over, you can still enjoy it! We indeed applied for a 6-months extension called Go Regional. Chile being a very centralized country, way more than France for instance, they want to incentivize people to develop entrepreneurship in different regions. They will then select around 30 start-ups to keep going 6 more months in Valparaíso or Concepción, with an extra-budget. We hope to have the chance to be part of it!

In this context, we had to organize events in order to develop the entrepeneurial mindset in the region we chose. I thus organized meetups to learn how to successfully launch a product or service on Product Hunt, gave lectures in 3 different universities. And since the beginning of july, I co-organize bi-monthly events named SUP Meet, which goal is to invite every 2 weeks an entrepreneur to talk about a topic, and then to open the discussion, all of this while sharing a beer (or any other beverage :-P). The next one will happen this wednesday; we are glad to have with us Neel from Invitta, a company which collects plastic wastes in the poor suburbs of Valparaíso to recycle them into urban furniture.

Other projects are ongoing, but I’ll tell you more in future articles…  😉 

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