Strime already adopted by the south-american video producers

Posted by Bobby on 6 June 2017 in Around Strime Start-Up Chile
We’ve bothered you a lot these last few months with our participation to the Start-Up Chile program. I’ve been writing less on this lately because I didn’t want to be boring, and because everything is not worth being published.
However, we would like to share some piece of information with you today. We focused, since we arrived, on developing a relationship with local video producers, exactly like we’ve been doing in France since the very beginning. This strategy of proximity is paying back today on two aspects: we are developing a strong community of video producers in South America. More than 22% of our users chose to use Strime in Spanish. And we are particularly proud of their loyalty. 45% of you signed in at least once during the 30 last days.
This figures show two things. First, that Strime answers to a real need, and that we really make the life of video producers easier. Then that the south-american market that we’ve been targeting is a market full of promises, which needs innovative solutions of this kind.
The feedback from the users that I meet here are extremely emphatic. I invite you to read what Alvaro from Microfilms, a company from Valparaíso wrote for us. I solicited him because I needed a quote for our press release:
« In video production, we always loose time time correcting the video with the client. Now, with Strime, this is not a problem anymore. Strime makes it easy to communicate with my clients, and makes me save time and avoid hiccups. 100% recommanded! »
All of this is a motivation for us to keep pushing forward!

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