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Posted by Bobby on 28 August 2017 in Features News

These last few days, Strime integrated new features. Let’s take a quick tour to discover them!

New upload process

We knew that the upload of videos on Strime could be improved. Two things were pain points:

  1. the first one was the fact that you had to wait for the video to be uploaded to be able to define it’s properties (name, folder, who to share the video with…), which was generating confusion for some of you who were leaving the page before the end of the upload, or which forced you to wait for the end of uploads which sometimes took a long time to be processed;
  2. the second one was the fact that, if an error occured (unauthorized type of file, …), you weren’t notified right away.

Therefore, we completely redesigned the upload process. Now, we begin by testing some characteristics of your file, particularly its type, which allows us to notify you of the main errors before you even upload the file.

You moreover have to provide the information of your video (its name, who you want to share it with) at the beginning of the process. When you validate this data, the upload begins. You can then follow the progression of the upload. If your file is heavy and if the upload is likely to take a long time to be processed, you can leave the tab of your browser opened and go away, or do something else at the same time. When you will come back, you’ll find your file encoded and ready to be viewed.


Export your productions to Youtube

Opening an office in South America permitted us to be confronted to problems that we weren’t aware of when we only were based in France. The interest of such an international presence is that it forces us to be creative in the evolutions that we design for Strime.

Talking with one of our users,, this one explained us that one of the problems that he was facing in Venezuela, was the fact that the quality of the internet was very poor there. Working on Strime is truly a pleasure for him, because he, Jose, is living in Chile with me, but his team is based in Venezuela. When they produced a video, they had to upload this video on Strime, then, once it’s validated by Jose, they had to upload it on Youtube. But due to the bad internet connexion they have, they were losing a lot of time. Thus, Jose asked us if we could integrate a feature to export the videos directly from Strime to Youtube, so they could save one upload.

We then worked on designing this feature, which we recently released. You can now, from the video interface, export this one to Youtube. You will be prompted to provide a name for the Youtube video, and you will be able to also add a description or tags to this one.


Navigate from one comment to another

Four new buttons appeared on the video player.

The first one allows you to come back from 10 seconds in the video, if you want to see again the last sequence of the video.

The last one allows you to show or hide the markers on the video.

Finally, the two others, allow you to go from one comment to another. It’s now easier to browse the comments.


Other news

Among the other news, we can note that you now have the possibility to add a description to your videos. This will allow you to add contextual information, or to provide more details about your work to the people that collaborate with you.

The appearance of the video page has also been redesigned, in order to offer you more comfort.

Finally, if you modify the volume of one video, we will save this information and apply it to any video you’ll be watching while being connected to Strime.

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