Romain, co-organizer of the International Festival of the short film of Santiago

Posted by Bobby on 10 August 2017 in Around Strime

When I arrived in Chile, I quickly asked myself how I could better know the local audiovisual community. Meeting video producers was definitely one thing to do, and I’ve been working on it. But how to feel the dynamism and the creativity of the ecosystem?


What if we organized a short films festival in Valparaíso?

This is when came to my mind the idea of organizing a short films festival in Valparaíso. Why focusing on short films? Because this is most of the time the format that movie directors choose to begin their career. It’s also a format that leave a lot of space to creativity, and is more flexible in terms of event organization. Finally, the directors of this type of films are more likely to use Strime for their own productions. Why Valparaíso? Because this is where I live, and because this city is culturally very dynamic.

But it happens that nothing of this kind existed, at least not for short movies. There is a film festival in Viña, but it’s only focusing on long movies. Never mind, I told myself that it would be interesting to do something. But before reinventing the wheel, I wanted to look if there wasn’t already a short film festival in Chile. And this is when I discovered the Fesancor, the International Festival of Short Film of Santiago (Festival Chileno Internacional de Cortometraje). An other interesting information is that this festival will turn 25 this year.

Therefore, I took this opportunity to contact the organizers of this festival to offer them to organize an extension to this event in Valparaíso. They were very enthusiastic and gave me a white card to deal with the organization of this extension. For the first time in the history of this festival, this one will happen at the same time in Santiago and in Valparaíso.


Fesancor will turn 25 at the Cultural Park of Valparaíso

Starting from there, everything had to be done… The program was the responsibility of Jaime, the president of the festival. I’m not working on it. But everything on the logistical side was on me for the Valparaíso extension.

I thus started to make a list of potential places eager to receive us, which I contacted. After some discussion, I found an agreement with the Cultural Park of Valparaíso which will lend us a room of 90 seats during all the festival (except for the saturday 30th). I also convinced the Internado (a bar/restaurant of Valparaíso which has a room in the basement where they organize projections or exhibitions) to host us during the night of the 27th of september.

The Fesancor will then happen from september the 25th to october the 2nd in the Cultural Park of Valparaíso and the 27th of september at the Internado. We’re actually working on the program which I’ll communicate to you.


The Fesancor will be part of the cultural agenda of the city

In the meantime, I met the cultural affairs direction of the city of Valparaíso which assured us of their support.

I would also like to invite students classes to make them discover this format of movies, and make them be interested in the careers which lead to video production. Ideally, I’d like to create a real social mix, which means that I’d like to get students from public and private schools.

I’m desperately trying to get in touch with the direction of the school of cinema of the university of Valparaíso (for the moment they didn’t answer to my emails or calls).

There still is a lot to do, but the project is moving in the right direction…

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