Increase of the encoding capacities and Facebook Connect

Posted by Bobby on 29 June 2017 in Features

It’s been a while since we began working on increasing the encoding capacities of Strime. When we started this process a few months ago, we simply wanted to anticipate the increase of load on our infrastructure and make it more scalable. And we were right engaging in this process! These last few months, we’ve seen the demand for Strime increase drastically…

Encoding capacities multiplied by 4!

You read it properly, we’ve multiplied our encoding capacities by 4. Needless to say that Strime’s performances have been jumping forward!

The goal for us was multiple: we wanted to guarantee the stability of the service, the fact that your videos were converted faster, allowing you to encode multiple videos at the same time and that you don’t have to wait for the queue to be treated.

Moreover, it happened sometimes that files were stuck at the conversion step, mainly because of bad initial encoding settings. The problem was that, if the user saw it’s encoding stuck, he was tempted to re-upload the file multiple times, which would eventually block the whole queue. Additionally to the increasing of our encoding capacities, we’ve also set up a system which detects the fact that a file is stuck; it then tries 2 more times to encode it, and after 3 failures kills this task in order to not slow down the encoding of the files of other users.

Connect with Facebook

In the same spirit that the Google Connect button, we’ve integrated a Facebook Connect button. The choice of this feature was pretty straightforward since we are working with the south-american market where Facebook is deeply rooted and where social networks are part of the daily life of people.

Moreover, this button is supposed to help you log in faster to your account, without having to type in your credentials. You just need to make sure that your main Facebook email address is the same than the one used with your Strime account. If you have a Strime account that has been deactivated because you haven’t confirmed your email address, you can also reactivate it by logging in with Facebook or Google.

To revoke the rights granted to Strime (in this case, we ask to access to your email address), you can go to the Integrations section of your profile on Strime, and simply revoke the rights Facebook granted to us by clicking on a link.

You will note that, considering our engagement in favor of a fair use of your personal data, we only ask for your firstname, lastname and email address, which is the information we absolutely need in order to make Strime work.


Other improvements

And because we are constantly improving the service, we have also improved the animations that are played when you drag and drop a video or a marker.

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