Drag, drop, everything is in the gesture!

Posted by Bobby on 19 June 2017 in Features News
This monday, we pushed a bunch of new features. We took the time we needed to fine-tune new interactions that we thought were important to improve the experience you have of our platform. And we hope that you will like it!

Re-organize your videos by moving them

Until now, it was not possible to re-organize videos. If you wanted to put a video in a folder, you had to do it during the upload, otherwise you could not change that afterwards. Also, if you accidentally chose the wrong folder, you had to delete the video and re-upload it in the proper one.
You can now re-organize your videos with simple drag-and-drops. If you are on your dashboard, you can now drag any video on any folder. The video will then animate itself, until it has effectively been added to the folder.
If you are working inside a folder, you can as well take a video out of it by dropping it on the drop area available over the list of videos of the project.
This will allow you to completely control your videos.

Reposition markers on videos

Likewise, when you or one of your clients posted a comment on a video, you had to click on the right location from the very beginning, because once the marker was set, it was once and for all.
Strime is now getting more flexible and accept the idea that you may lack of precision in your click – yes, despite the fact that we place our users and their clients above everything, we have to admit that error is human, even for you… 😉-. Therefore, you can now reposition your markers (and only yours in order to not interfere with what other people collaborating on your projects want to say). You can even do it on old comments!
To do so, you just have to click on the marker, then reposition it on the location of the image where you want it to appear. Its new position will then automatically be saved.

Integration of a screenshot into mail notifications

In order to allow you to be more efficient, we replicated a feature set up a few weeks ago to an other context. Lately, if you had chosen to be notified once a day with a summary of all the comments posted on your videos, we integrated a screenshot of the precise moment of the video inside this notification.
This screenshot will now also appear if you want to be notified right away. To realize this, we introduced a slight delay of 5 minutes tops between the moment when the client posts his comment, and the moment when you receive the email, in order for us to generate the screenshot.
We keep adding new features, weeks after weeks, to create the tool that will hook you in online validation. We hope you do like it!

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